How good is your multi-project management compared to top performers?

The 9th edition of the MPM study offers answers.

The MPM 9 Focus Topics

Triple-A Portfoliomanagement

Agile. Fast portfolio decision-making processes.

Ambidextrous. Exploit innovation positions and build up new innovation potentials.

Adaptive. Strategic and operational flexibility in dealing with uncertainty.


Study and Conferences

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Start of 9th MPM study in May 2020

Digital Practitioner Conference

Individual report with recommendations for action and comparisons

Multi-project Management

We define multi-project management (MPM) as the holistic management of a project landscape through the coordinated interaction of:

– Strategies

– Structures and processes

– Organizational players

– Cultures

in order to achieve the performance targets of relevant stakeholders.

Based on an extensive performance evaluation we identify and analyze your key success factors.

MPM for more than 15 years

Seit mehr als fünfzehn Jahren evaluiert die von den Professoren Hans Georg Gemünden (TU Berlin) und Alexander Kock (TU Darmstadt) initiierte Forschungsgruppe Multi-Project Management (MPM) Best Practices und Erfolgsfaktoren im Projektportfolio-Management durch Benchmarking-Studien.

Benchmarking with confidence

Protecting your data is our top priority. All collected data is treated strictly confidential.


Data is evaluated exclusively in anonymous form. The results are presented in a concise statistical report, so that it is not possible to draw conclusions about specific companies, projects or individuals.

Identification number

Your data will be stored exclusively under an anonymous identification number to ensure the highest level of data security.